Be brave then you can acomplish

Luke Powell 4-5

Analysis of the development of theme

Freak the mighty is about a tall kid named Maxwell and a disabled kid named Kevin. They are like peanut butter and jelly. They need each other. It makes the story interesting. Because together they are not max and Kevin together they are freak the mighty. Together they have dangerous quests slaying dragons and going on secret missions. But if there neighborhood didn't have the mill creek pond and the testaments there then there would be no interesting parts. I think that setting gives the intensity to the story. The conflict also gives intensity to the story.

Reflection and application of theme

I think that the theme "just be brave" goes along with the story because for example. Freak knows he's weak, crippled, and he will die early. But he's brave and that's what counts but also he is willing to accept those facts. Max is also brave because during the book he's been running away from blade and his gang, returning lost property, and saving people. I would probably do that to but I would be risking my life. And that's why it's bravery.

Quick summary

In freak the mighty there is a boy named Max and a kid named freak. Together they are freak the mighty. Its'sthe beginning of eighth grade. They remember each other from daycare. Together they have quests. Later they get chased by blade and his gang. They barely get away. Later in the story Max gets kidnapped by killer Kane or other words his dad. They go to the testaments. He fights off his dad and gets away because freak saves him. Later freak has a seizure and goes to the hospital. Then freak dies.