January Newsletter

New Year, New You

Happy 2016! I am really excited to be sharing this information with you. Will you take a few minutes to read it?

How many personal care products do you and your family use everyday? Do you moisturize? Put on makeup? Slather on sunscreen? Do you know that it takes only 26 seconds for those chemicals in the products to enter your blood stream?

January is "Break up month". Break up from what, you ask? Break up with your makeup and the toxic chemicals that are lurking in your skin care and body care products. Please take the time to read the blog below. It is very educational and eye opening. It dives into our Never List ingredients that are commonly found in body lotions.

I encourage all of my friends to please consider "cleaning" up your beauty routine this year. Arming yourself with good information is the first step towards better beauty. I would love to share with you what setsBeautycounter apart.…/january-breakup-month/

Safer Shades of Winter

Danielle Campbell - Manager

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