Indiana Religious Freedom Act

Controversial or not?

Back Ground Information

April 3, 2015 the Indiana religious bill was passed by the house. The bill is very controversial because it protects business owners who don't want to provide service to couples of the same sex. The bill was passed by a republican controlled house allow 5 republicans sided with the 26 democrats to oppose the bill. The bill was signed into law by Gov. Mike Pence
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Media Portrayal

This bill has been seen as very controversial in the media. you see it commonly compared to segregation. the media trying to put it on the same level you see the protest against the bill. most of the time you just see the bad things about.
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The biases you find in this story depends on if you are for it or against it. when you read the different articles you find that they take a side making the other look bad while promoting there own side.
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The critisiam in the story is cultural it is based on peoples relgion and what they belive in