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What Really is HS? By: Kate Schaefer

What is HS?

What is HS? HS is a abbreviation for hereditay sherocytosis. Most people say it is just a blood disease. But what really is it? HS is caused by protein on the surface of your blood cells. 75% of the cases of HS is inherited, and out of 2,000 people 1 usually gets it. Some people have to get their spleen taken out because of their case. This means that they probably have the mild case.

Signs of Spherocytosis

  • Pale skin
  • Lips and nail beds different color than usual
  • Feeling tried or irritable
  • Feeling dizzy or lightheaded
  • Rapid heart beat

Living with Sherocytosis

What is it like living with spherocytosis? Well I know because I live with it. I have the mild kind. There are 3 different kinds of spherocytosis, they are mild, moderate and life threatening. Every year I have to get my blood drawn to check if my blood cells are doing well. That is what it is like living with spherocytosis.

Side affects

  • Feeling cold in warm places
  • getting charlie horses more often
  • heart pain or cramps