January 2014

Island School PTA Newsletter

Message from Co-chairs

Happy new year to you all!

We trust that you enjoyed spending time with your loved ones and re-charged over the holiday period. We would like to thank all the wonderful parents, students and teachers who came together to make the Winter Wonderland Fair the success it was. The Net Fair Income is just over $170,000 which is $50,000 more than last year!

This is a truly tremendous achievement and everyone who participated on the day or volunteered on the days before and after the Fair need to feel gratified that the effort to support Island School and the Nicola Myers and Kenneth McBride Memorial Fund has been worthwhile. Please go to the PTA website to view the list of items that we will be funding for the school. https://sites.google.com/a/online.island.edu.hk/island-school-pta/fundraising

Looking ahead at the next few months, there are a lot of activities planned with Parent Reps arranging lunches, dinners and drinks for other parents in their year group. If you would like to get to know other people and be involved in the school community, we encourage you to attend these events as they only happen once a term!

The Annual Charity Raffle Draw will take place on April 4th at the Spring Cultural Fair. Our Donations and Sponsorship Coordinator Joanne Ooi, has been working hard to secure some amazing prizes and we urge you to support the raffle. Tickets are just $20 each and proceeds go towards the Nicola Myers and Kenneth McBride Memorial Fund (NMKM). This fund provides scholarship funds to students from schools all over HK who are unable to continue their sixth form education. Please support the Charity Raffle by donating prizes and/or selling tickets in March. Further information will be available in the February Newsletter.

For more information on the NMKM can be found on the PTA website on: https://sites.google.com/a/online.island.edu.hk/island-school-pta/fundraising

Island School is hosting a Gala Event with the Mark Obama and the Zijin Children Arts Troupe on Saturday 22nd of February at 7pm. Why not come along and bring your family and friends to hear Mr. Obama speak and perform music with a children’s troupe. The performance will also include our very own Island School students.

Toni Hatherly and Amani Sue

Save The Date!

13th February - Year 8 and 9 Coffee morning

22nd February - Mark Obama Talk and Concert

Help needed from Parents, Alumni and Friends of the School

How to tell the truth, when finding truth is part of your work?

Island Time in Year 8

An important unit of the Island Time course is called Truth and Lies.

In Year 7 we looked at how to distinguish claims of knowledge from opinion or propaganda. Students read and wrote about these related to mathematical reasoning, advertising, hoaxes and a variety of other topics and they looked at the various different ways in which we know things.

In Year 8 we are putting all of this in a Hong Kong context and so we want our students to meet people who are in areas where deciding what is true is central to their work. The aim is for them to be able to understand why finding out the truth is important to a particular profession, and what are the particular methods and criteria that are used in that profession. In order to do this groups of students will interview volunteers working an such areas.

In particular we would like to hear from Lawyers of all types, Police officers, Journalists, Experimental Scientists, but also anyone else who spends time trying to establish truth. We need about 15 people.

We would like invite you into school, where a group of young will interview you about how you make these decisions and what the problems are that may lead to mistakes. Ideally we would like you to come in for a couple of hours on Tuesday 18th March. We will give you two groups to talk to, with a break in between for a coffee and a chat with the other volunteers. You do not need to prepare anything as the idea is that the students are preparing the questions.

If you have any other ideas of experiences you can offer related to our students learning about ways to ascertain truth and gain knowledge then please contact us as well.

The contact for this is Teresa Leung, a parent, who has kindly agreed to help us get a suitable group of volunteers together. Her email is mmtleung@yahoo.com

For any questions, please contact Chris Binge at christopher.binge@online.island.edu.hk

Seeking Donations for the Charity Raffle Draw

Dear Parents,

Following on the heels of this December's successful Winter Fair, the PTA is now seeking donations valued at $500 or more for its most important fundraising exercise of the year - the Charity Raffle Draw. This event takes place on April 4th at the Spring Cultural Fair.

As before, the proceeds of this Raffle benefit Island School students by increasing the level of resources available to them in order to further enrich their learning experience. In addition, funds raised go to the Nicola Myers Kenneth McBride Memorial Fund, which benefits local Hong Kong students from various secondary schools by awarding them scholarship funds that enable them to continue their Sixth Form education.

To get your school community spirit flowing, here are some ideas for suitable donations:

• Restaurant Dining vouchers

• Gift vouchers for retail products or services, e.g., a cash voucher at Gigasports or Hong Kong Records, a voucher for a spa treatment, a voucher for tutoring lessons, etc.

• Donations of new merchandise. For example, both Shanghai Tang and Ferragamo have donated leather accessories to this year's raffle;

• Hotel stays. For example, Upper House has donated a one-night stay at one of its Upper Suites this year.

• Airplane tickets. Cathay Pacific donates a pair of business class tickets every year to the raffle.

• Commercially produced food or beverage products, e.g., a case of wine.

• Entertainment donations or vouchers

If you have questions, please email us at pta@online.island.edu.hk. Otherwise, you may drop off or post your donations to:

Kate Su

PTA Administrator

Island School, 20 Borrett Road

Hong Kong

Thank you!

Joanne Ooi

Sponsorships & Donations Coordinator, ISPTA

Year 11 Parent Lunch

Year 11 Parents met up on Friday, 24th January for a Dim Sum lunch at Chiuchow Garden Restaurant. It was lovely to catch up and have a good chat with parents from our year group and all agreed it would be great to see even more Year 11 Parents the next time we meet!

Thank you to all who managed to attend!

Bookshop - Next time you need to stock up!

It’s not just exercise books!

The PTA Bookshop has a wide range of general stationery, art supplies, folders and

files – everything your student needs to get organized and keep on top of their studies. Here’s a small selection of what we have available. Not only is our pricing competitive, but every purchase channels funds into the school to benefit your child’s education.

Getting Organised

Lever Arch Files – various sizes $25 - $38

Zippered plastic wallets $9

Post-it notes (square) $10

Lightweight Hole Punch $6

Small padlock with keys $14

AAA Eveready Batteries (4 pack) $11

AA Eveready Batteries (6 pack) $22

Pocket Tissues $2

Staedtler eraser $12-19

UHU Glue stick $12-19

Write it down!

School diary $51

Pilot Hi-tecpoint pens (blue, red) $13

Pilot V Ball pen (red) $10

Roller Ball pen (blue, red) $13

Pilot Ball pen (red, green, black, blue) $6

Pilot pencil $9

Silver & Gold markers $17

Highlighter pens (various colours) $6

Art supplies

Paint brush (set of 5) $102

Staedtler coloured pencils (set of 12) $44

Sakura Water Colour paints (12 colours) $103

Soft Pastel Crayons (set of 24) $99

Sketching pencils (set of 5) $51

Looking to support your IB student’s maths revision?

The PTA Bookshop has IB Study Guides and past exam papers for IB Mathematics HL and SL. Past exam paper booklets are priced from $29-$37. Study guides for IB Maths are now available at HALF PRICE from $145-$220. A full list of guides and past papers appears below.

Study Guides now 50% Off

Mathematics Studies SL (IB, 2009) Sale price $145

Mathematics SL (IB, 2010) Sale price $175

Mathematics HL (IB, 2010) Sale price $210

IB Mathematical Studies (Hodder, 2012) Sale price $220

Past Exam Papers

Maths Studies SL, May 2006 – May 2008 $32

Maths Studies SL, May & Nov 2009 $29

Mathematics SL, May & Nov 2009 $29

Mathematics SL, May & Nov 2010 $29

Mathematics HL, May 2006 – May 2008 $37

Mathematics HL, May & Nov 2009 $32

Mathematics HL, May & Nov 2010 $32

Further Maths SL, May 2006 – May 2008 $32

The Bookshop also has a great selection of greeting cards for birthdays, Easter,

Valentine’s Day and all sorts of occasions. These high quality cards are available for

the special price of only $10 each so why not come and browse our stock?

Christine Meaney

PTA Committee Shop Coordinator

Lost Property - New Location

Lost Property Corner (Non-Valuables)

Parents and students have been enquiring about the location and procedure for lost property. The PTA has liaised with the school and a procedure is outlined below.

Note: Lost Property (Valuables) such as Laptop, mobile phone, watch, etc., please go to the Island School General Office)

Procedure for lost property

  • Items found around the school will be placed in large clear plastic containers (see photo) in the Block 5 playground near the vending machines
  • The lost property corner will be cleared every 2 weeks on the 10th and 24th of each month
  • All unclaimed items will be kept in storage after every clearance
  • If you need to look for lost property items in storage, please contact the Island School General Office NOT the PTA office

There is a new Lost Property corner - see the photo below.

Also note that should items not be collected at the end of the year the clothes will be donated to the school for second hand sales at the uniform shop.

Please contact ushiet@gmail.com if you have any problems.

I.S.S.U Present Skort Proposal to PTA Committee

The Island School Student Union (I.S.S.U) presented their proposal to introduce a new uniform item at the monthly PTA meeting on January 13th 2014. They came to the meeting prepared with research data and preliminary designs of the proposed skort and thoroughly impressed the committee with their due diligence and confidence.

The committee agreed to have further discussion and liaise with the students over the coming weeks. If you are in the garment or fashion industry and would like to get involved in this new initiative, please consider joining the uniform subcommittee.

For further information, please contact: Kate Su, the PTA administrator, on: pta@online.island.edu.hk or Christine Meaney, Committee Shop Coordinator, pta.book@online.island.edu.hk

Adrian Tsang, Rachel Man and Yee-Jeung Yuen

The Island School Student Union (I.S.S.U)

Island School Parent Representatives Meeting - New Representatives Join The Team

At Island School, we are so lucky to have a wonderful group of parents who give up some of their time to become Parent Reps!

This month we welcome a new parent rep for Year 7 Nansen - Annie Byrnes

If you would like to be a Parent Rep, please contact Angela Socha on: isptavolunteer@gmail.com

List of Parent Year Members

Year 7 - Christine Brendle, Sheila Chan, Scarlett Mattoli, Melinda Narguet, Meizhi Tan, Annie Byrnes

Year 8 - Noven Chin, Kathleen Underhill

Year 9 – Alefiyah Ebrahim, Michelle Tse, Teresa Weir

Year 10 - Sheila Chan, Carly Lam, Melinda Narquet

Year 11 - Noven Chin, Darien Muh, Teresa Weir

Year 12 – Michelle Tse, Amani Sue, Margaret Ma

Year 13 - Susan Finder, Vanita Srinivasan, Teresa Weir


ISSU request:

  • Requested uniform option of to skorts for girls
  • School is supportive of concept
  • Next step ISSU to coordinate with Kate and Christine

Careers Day

  • Tuesday June 3
  • Y10, Y11, Y12 this year
  • From 1.10pm - 3.10pm
  • Please help nominate / invite volunteer speakers to present, or help at careers booths


  • Top 5-7 prizes will be printed on the tickets (and donor names and logos)
  • All members requested to consider donating prizes, and/or asking community for further donations
  • We will need parent volunteers in March

The Truth

  • March 18th - Unit in Island Time on “Truth and Lies” for Y8
  • Explores the criteria by which we know whether something is true or not
  • Students do research in groups on contentious issues, learning about what evidence is, how to assess it etc
  • Members all asked to solicit interest in the parent community and beyond (doesn’t need to be limited to parents). Consider also scientific researchers; doctors; politicians, environmental researchers. Will also advertize in PTA newsletter

Lost and Found

  • Is now located in Block 5 near the vending machines
  • Any student or parent should go through Kyle in the General Office if they have questions regarding lost and found

School buses

  • Request for South Lantau School Bus
  • To date we only have 7 students (4 families) who have contacted PTA
  • Current numbers are not viable

Treasurer’s report

Treasurer’s report:

  • Soft wish list $168,000 was approved
  • Hard wish list: subsequent to last meeting blast chillers were approved; 6 HD cameras requested for explorations course, also film studies 2 x cannon VSLR cameras - Total $304,952
  • Fair income $211,000, minus expenses net of $170,051 net profit (i.e. $50,000 more than last years fair)
  • General fund is up 25% year on year

Principal's Report

Principal’s report

  • Great end of term: - Choir sung in cathedral; Rats Tales an elements production (very well received); On December 17, 2013, Island School was in for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, Anson Chan came in to Island School to share her experiences with Year 7s and 10s to 13s. Mr. Byrne (IS parent) bid for and won a lunch with Mrs. Anson Chan and instead of a lunch, Mr. Byrne, the father of Sarah in 7R, graciously donated his time with the honorable Mrs. Chan to Island School. Thank you to Mr.Byrne.
  • Thomas Chow archictect firm (working with Danish international firm) has been awarded the consulting of redevelopment of IS
  • Mark Obama confirmed date is Feb 22nd - Open to parents and students . Performers from the charity he’s supporting, plus he will speak and play piano.

Log onto the Gateway

Please log in to the Gateway system to update your information and details for your children.

Please choose the "Opt In" option - doing so will make sure you receive all correspondence from the school and the PTA. If you opt out, you will miss out on important up-coming events.

This needs to be done through the parents Gateway log in, not your child's log in. If you have misplaced your details, please contact Katie Forster at Island School at katie.forster@online.island.edu.hk.

Shop Opening Hours

Uniform Shop

9:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

9:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. Wednesday


9:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. Monday - Friday

Please note that the shops are closed when students are not at school such as Quest week, CPD days, school and public holidays.

Any queries, please contact PTA on pta.book@online.island.edu.hk


With the weather changing, now is the time for you to come in and purchase your winter clothing items from the PTA shop. We now have the following in stock in addition to the year round Island School uniform.

Scroll down for PICTURES BELOW

· P.E. Navy blue ‘Island’ track tops and pants

· Navy Blue Fleece I.S. Jackets

· Maroon I.S. sweatshirt

· Navy blue knitted cardigan

For further information on the Uniform prices please go to:


School Uniforms

PTA uniform shop opening hours are:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday: 9:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Wednesday: 9:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.

Membership Reminder

We recently sent reminder letters to families who have yet to pay their PTA fees. Please note that it is COMPULSORY for all families to pay their fees ($550 per family). There are now only a few families who have yet to pay. If you have received a letter, we urge you to send in your payment as soon as possible. Please make the cheque payable to ‘Island School PTA Ltd’ and send to:

Island School PTA, 20 Borrett Road, Mid-levels

ISPTA Committee Names and Area of Responsibility

Name and Roles

Alefiyah Ebrahim - Design

Amani Sue - Co-Chair

Andy Lowe - Secretary

Angela Socha - Volunteers Coordinator

Aparna Bubna - Welcome Commitee / Coffee Mornings

Becky Brown - Co-Fairs Coordinator

Chris Binge - Principal

Christine Meaney - Shops Coordinator

CW Lee - Staff (Accountant)

Joanne Ooi - Donation/Sponsorships

Jo-Anne Trevenna - Staff Representative (Teacher)

Julian Reed Staff - (Teacher) & Parent Representative

Mary Vlogianitis - Co-Editor Newsletter

Michael Wong - Co-Treasurer

Nigel Hale - Co-Treasurer

Oliver Temple - Website and Technology

Rebecca Yip - Staff (Business Manager) & Parent Representative

Sonali Laul - Co-Higher Education & Careers

Stephen Chu - Co-Higher Education & Careers

Teresa Fung - Welcome Committee / Coffee Mornings

Toni Flynn - Co-Chair

Trish Oliver - Co-Editor Newsletter

Ushie Tuck - Co-Fairs Coordinator

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