Luke Wimpy

What is Mitosis?

Mitosis is when a cell divides into two cells and makes a new cell. The new cels can be used to make or replace damaged cells or just to make more cells as you get older.


The first stage of mitosis when the chromosomes begin to become visible. The chromosomes become paired together and the nucleus disappears.
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The second stage of mitosis when the chromosomes attach to spindle fibers and begin grow.
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The third stage of mitosis when the chromosomes and the spindle fibers move to different ends of the cell. The cell starts to separate.
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The last stage of mitosis when the spindle fibers are at opposite ends of the cell. Two new nucleus' are formed and the cells separate.
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Why is mitosis important?

Mitosis is important because if cells in our body are damaged, destroyed or killed. We also need mitosis because when we grow older and our bodies get larger, we need more cells. Without mitosis we would not live very long.