Marine Boyfriend Missing

Cheater, Whore, and Traitor Girlfriend

When Carey Goes Missing Rumors About His Girlfriend Are Being Spread.

In a small military town people are going crazy over the disappearance of a young marine named Carey. The people from Sweethaven accuse Carey's girlfriend Quinn of being a cheater, a whore, and a traitor. I have talked to Quinn, and she says that she did nothing wrong; Quinn would never do anything to hurt Carey. Quinn also said she knows how to clear her name from all the rumors that are being spread about her, but she would have to reveal a secret that she is vowed to keep in order to do so. Quinn is willing to stay loyal to Carey, and will keep the promise that she made to him. Quinn says that she will be strong, and will not let the rumors get to hurt even though they are awful. How long will she have to keep the secret is what she wants to know. Hopefully soon Carey will return to Sweethaven, and will clear her name for her.