Treyvon Thomas

James Madison's Impact on the Government

  • Was one of the principle founders of America's republican form of government.
  • Advocated the Virginia Plan, which gave power to the national government.
  • Helped enact Jefferson's bill for religious freedom, known as the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom.
  • Wrote the US constitution, and is known as the "Father of the Constitution"
  • Author of the Bill of Rights

Presence Today?

James Madison's early contributions and works from long ago have laid the foundation in America such as the US constitution which is still present today. Also, he is responsible for giving us citizens our freedom rights with the Bill of Rights which is present as our first ten amendments.

James Madisons' accomplishments

  • He formulated a strategy for the supporters of the Constitution which were the Federalists.
  • Wrote portions of the Federalists Papers
  • Renewed the charter for the Bank of the United States to raise funds for the war of 1812


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