Interplay of the 3 Energy Systems

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Mick Fanning, Kelly Slater, Taj Burrow - freesurf in France


Surfing requires the dominance of all three energy systems during the extent of catching the perfect wave. Surfers run into the water with the board to get distance into the water requiring slight speed as the ATP_PC system as dominate. As they try to get out to the right position they have to try and get out there through waves ducking under some will see the anaerobic system take over due to the duration and the intensity. They then recover until the perfect wave comes along where they will paddle as quickly as they can to catch it using all of their ATP-PC fuels and then catching it going on to use their anaerobic system then repeating the process all over again.

Usain Bolt 19.19 new WORLD RECORD 200M Berlin 2009 [HQ]

200m Sprint

In a 200m race the first 6 seconds see the ATP-PC system as the principal system, once the PC in the muscles and the remainder 4 seconds of the resynthesis the anaerobic glycolysis starts to become the main system. The anaerobic glycolysis system will remain as the dominant system for the rest of the race. During recovery the aerobic will gradually raise quickly becoming the dominant system.

Harvard vs. Princeton Women's Water Polo (HD)

Water Polo

Water Polo is a very vigorous sport if not experienced and trained. Treading water for a trained water polo player will see the aerobic system as the dominate one. At the start of a match most players swim to a position or for the ball as fast as they can. By doing this they use most of their ATP-PC and the anaerobic system dominates as the game proceeds. During the 60 minute match all three systems will share dominance as the game may slow down and speed up with quick bursts of swimming, throwing and blocking inbetween.