Most Important Inventions

Of Ancient China

Smallpox Inoculation

The Smallpox Inoculation is in my opinion the most important inventions that was invented in China. The smallpox inoculation has saved thousands of lives. It has also paved the way for modern vaccines. Without the smallpox inoculation we would lose many people each year to smallpoxs.

Modern Day Smallpox Inoculation

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Paper Money

Paper Money is used all over the world such as USA, China, France, England, etc. China set the stage for paper currency. Without the invention of paper money the way we pay for almost every thing we buy would be different. If no one had ever invented paper money then items would probably cost less because you can't carry $20 of change in your wallet of pocket.

Modern Day Paper Monery

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Gun Powder

When the Chinese invented gun powder the way we fought wars completely changed. With gun powder we can use guns, dynamite, fireworks, etc. Gun powder is important because all the wars that USA has own and even before that it was because we fought and to fight we need weapons. All 4th of July celebrations would be different because there would be no fireworks without gunpowder. Although we may not know it a lot of things we use are derived from putting something together with gun powder.

Modern Day Gun Powder

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By: Jenna Black