Week of May 2, 2016

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The Cowboy Courier is a weekly newsletter that highlights the good work coming from Cigarroa's amazing staff and students, helps us to remember important events, and connects our extended community. Feedback is welcomed. Thanks for reading!

Our Vision

Leonides Gonzalez Cigarroa, M.D. Elementary will be a highly respected school in the city of Dallas where its students, staff, and community feel safe, demonstrate pride, share a love for learning, and where all students leave above grade level in proficiency and prepared to make their way to and through college.

Our Values

Growth-mindset. Belief and desire to continuously improve.

Sense of urgency. Acting with the realization that efficiency is vital to success.

Belonging. We are committed to actions that support a sense of family and community.

Commitment. Doing whatever it takes to reach our vision of academic success and a love for learning.

Respect. Holding ourselves, our school, our family, and our community in high regard.

Our Values in Action

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This section highlights teammates and students whose actions directly impact our goal of helping our students earn distinctions this year!

2016 Staff Appreciation Week!

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Hello, May! That's right, we only have one month left before the school year officially concludes! This week is important for our entire school as our 3rd-5th grade students complete their last week of review before they take their STAARs. We've seen promising results from the first round of testing and we've collectively contributed toward the growth and achievement of all students this year, so we're equally eager to see the results of the second round of testing. As a token of our continued appreciation for everyone's work, please enjoy a week of festivities as we recognize everyone for demonstrating our school values and working toward our collective vision. Happy Staff Appreciation Week!

Here is important information for this coming week:

2016 Staff Appreciation Week is here! Staff appreciation week is a special week to recognize and show appreciation to all staff at Cigarroa for their extraordinary contributions in the education and development of our students. For this week, you are free to wear jeans EVERYDAY, unless you'd like to dress the part of each day's theme! Each day's celebration is a small token of appreciation for the collective impact we have on the lives of our students. Thank you for making a difference in our school!

It’s that time of year again – time to see whether or not your students have accomplished your Student Learning Objective (SLO)! Many of you have already given your students their post-test or have collected the appropriate data to see whether or not your students have achieved your SLO. If not, you a few more weeks to do so. Your SLO student score sheet (only) is due to your evaluator (either Mrs. Johnson or myself) no later than Wednesday, May 18th. Late submissions may not be scored in time for our administrative deadline, so it’s important to meet this deadline. Should you have any questions on completing your SLO score sheet, I’ve cc’ed your coaches and you are always welcome to consult us as well! Please click on the button below to access your SLO score sheet template and find other helpful resources!

Progress reports for the 6th six weeks marking period should go home to students this Friday. Maggie Sanchez is very generous and proactive and she prints these for you. Before she runs her report, please update all grades into GradeSpeed! If you have any students who are in danger of failing this six weeks and are supported by Jennifer Mathai or Betty Garcia, please notify them before Friday.

Teachers, as you know, the district is requiring 14 credits of personalized professional development learning during the summer. As part of the P3 Network, we have access to a hugely helpful professional development opportunities from the Momentous Institute. Please click on the button below for more information. If you are interested, please contact Christina Golden ASAP! The three sessions are:

  • Relationships: The Key to Student Engagement & Motivation – June 29th, 9 AM to Noon
  • When Students with Challenges Become Challenging – July 8th, 9 AM to Noon
  • Connecting With Teens -- July 11th, 9 AM to Noon

Saturday, May 7, marks our last Saturday School with Parish Episcopal High School students! I am opening the doors to any teachers that want to tutor our 3rd-5th grade students before their big tests the following week. If you would like to tutor a group of students who don't normally attend Saturday School, please provide me with their names no later than this Wednesday, May 4, so that we can ensure they have breakfast. We will compensate tutors at the district's hourly extra duty rate.

Have a GREAT start to May!

Student Learning Objective (SLO) Resources

In this link, you'll find information about the SLO accomplishment, access a blank SLO student score sheet, the SLO rubric, and additional directions on how to complete the SLO student score sheet.

Momentous Institute Summer PD Opportunities!

More information about the three summer professional learning opportunities from the Momentous Institute!

Morning Routine Responsibilities

Morning Announcements

Michigan (5A)

Morning Roundup Guests

Alabama (KE)

Week at a Glance

Monday, May 2

Lights, Camera, Appreciation Day! (PTA serves lunch!)

Asian American Heritage Month begins today

After-school tutoring from 3:05-4:05

Tuesday, May 3

Pajamas At Work Day! (Walnut Hill UMC serves lunch!)

Teachers meet from 3:30-5:00:

  • STAAR logistical meeting
  • Structured planning time

Wednesday, May 4

First Class Staff Day! (breakfast served in the 1st class lounge -- our library!)

PLCs during planning periods

  • Side-by-side planning session for week of May 16.
  • Please have your ACP blueprints and additional planning materials

After-school tutoring from 3:05-4:05

Thursday, May 5

Staff Fiesta Day! (Made-to-order street tacos are served for lunch!)

After-school tutoring from 3:05-4:05

SBDM meeting from 3:30-5:00 in the library

Friday, May 6

There Are Only 18 Days Left Until Summer Day! (summer treats are served during the day!)

6th six weeks progress reports go home!

Saturday, May 7

Parish Episcopal Saturday School from 9:00 to Noon

Volunteer picnic table event from 9:00 to Noon

On the Horizon

Round 2 of STAAR Testing is May 9-11

Content ACPs are May 18-26

Field Day is Friday, May 27

Awards Assemblies are May 31-June 2

Last day for students is Thursday, June 2

Cigarroa Libary Sign-Up Link

Sign up for your class's library time using this link!