Media Corruption News

By: Madison Banks

It Is Time!!

Have your parents ever taken away your technology like your phone even though you weren’t grounded? If yes, have you ever thought maybe just maybe it’s was because you are on it twenty-four seven. We as teens base our lives around any and every kind of media we can get our hands on. The time that we don’t spend at school we are on our technology devices instead of spending time with our family or doing our chores. It is time that we teens set aside our technology and start spending time in the real world. Such as playing ball, or exercising.

Everyone knows that we teens base their lives around media it’s nothing new, but how can they not. In our generation technology roles the world. Studies show that 31% of teens and tweens have computers and 39% have phones. Teens and tweens are surrounded with all these new technology devices, so instead of going outside to do some kind of physical activity or spend time with their friends and family, they stay inside and playing on media or watching tv. Some of american teens and tweens are becoming obese. Obesity is becoming a gigantic problem in our nation. One other thing is that media is targeting teens and tweens on purpose to make them buy the stuff the media is presenting to the them. Media’s are targeting teens and tweens because they have young undeveloped brains.

To solve these problems, teens and tweens have to work harder at staying off of media all the time. Parents can also help by limiting how long their children can spend on media. Teens and tweens spending less time on media can give them time to go outside and walking around to prevent obesity for american teens. And media should not target teens and tweens because the media is just taking advantage of the teens and tweens and their undeveloped brains to make money. Also teens and tweens spending less time on their technology devices can improve the way they talk to their parents.

In conclusion, teens and tweens need to stop stop spending all their time on media and start spending time in the real world. So it’s time for teens and tweens to set their phones, and computers aside go out, and have fun with sports and exercise that is good for our health and has nothing to do with technology.

STOP doing this!!!

START doing this instead!!!


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