Good Morning

February 7th, 2014


* Thursday is picture day

*Friday is Valentine's Day-please bring in your cards

*Bring in a shoe box or a cereal box-we will decorate it all next week

*Jump Rope for Heart is through the 21st

*Plaid about Reading (Heritage) is due the 21st

To Do

* Lunch count, Restroom

*We AREN"T switching this morning so you do not need your ELA stuff (unless you are in Mrs. Archer's or Burke's-you should be studying for your test).


*Fantastic Five

*Build your Team Name

Morning Brain Teaser

What grows in winter, dies in summer and grows roots upwards?

Today's Holidays

*National Wear Red Day

*Wave at your Neighbor Day

* Write a Card to a Friend Day

* Bubblegum Day