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March Check In, Consultant Incentive & Social Media FYI

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March Check In

We are halfway through March! Time to take stock of what we have done so far and what we have left to accomplish :) Here is what is on my current check list...

  • What promotion level did you hit last month? Do you have a plan on how to hit it again?
  • Have you achieved your (ok, my goal :) of reaching out to 5 people about the fabulous business opportunity we have at Beautycounter? JUST DO IT :) And share our great new brand video with them. How could they not want to learn more?
  • Have you touched base with all those new mommies, grandmas, and already mommies about our new Baby Collection?
  • Are your face kits out? If they are at your house, they aren't working for you! Contact 3 people tonight and arrange to drop kits off tomorrow for the weekend, or early next week.
  • Have you reached out to clients and potential clients about hosting a social for you in April? Have you asked for referrals?
  • Are you traveling somewhere for Spring Break? Somewhere someone could hold an impromptu social for you?
  • Have you followed up with clients who ordered last month? Don't just ask how they like their products. Be sure to suggest 1-2 more products they would love, ask for a social mentioning our fabulous rewards, or offer to drop more products for them to try.
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March Consultant Incentive

For every $200 you accrue in PV starting today until the end of the month, you will be entered to win this AMAZING necklace from one of my favorite new brands, Tess and Tricia. They are a mother/daughter company based in Minneapolis. How fabulous is this necklace?? Are you already creating an outfit around it?? I know I am! And don't worry, the antler is ethically sourced :) This company is not your standard jewelry company. Check out their mission and see how they are truly making a difference.


Our mission is to craft exquisite jewelry, while providing living wages to women in need within our community. This is where the heart comes in: Every piece is made with love to give love. We hire women who are in the process of bettering their lives through a local nonprofit called Perspectives. These women have young families and have suffered derailing life situations such as addiction, abuse, and homelessness. Together as a team, we work to educate and empower these women on an individual level. Every piece purchased helps us continue our goal to get these women back on their feet.

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Social Media Guidelines From Gregg

I am hoping many of you saw the post that Laura did about this yesterday in our Business Tips BC Team Truth & Transparency. If not, I wanted to be sure to mention it again. Basically, we are not to share any articles on Facebook that call out the issues of other brands. This comes directly from Gregg. I think Laura does a great job at explaining this so I will let her words speak:

"Fabulous Team: Over the past few weeks there have been many articles on the internet and social media sites that disparage other brands, whether it be pointing out chemicals in their products or trying to expose a brand for misrepresenting itself (some of the most recent is the article about the Honest Company and the article about Cetaphil).

On our Founding Member call yesterday, Gregg Renfrew asked that we PLEASE remember that we at Beautycounter NEVER disparage another company. We do not use their misfortune to toot our own horn and that we do not participate in those conversations. She asks us to always take the high road.

It is easy to share these articles, thinking we are educating our audience, but what we are doing is disparaging another company and another product line.

We are being asked to never post/share these kinds of articles. If an article is about a certain ingredient, about testing that is or is not being done, legislative issues, health concerns, etc. Share away. But if the article's main goal is to call out a certain company or product line, please do not share it. Moving forward consultants who post such articles will be contacted by Compliance and asked to please take it down.

We were reminded yesterday that we are not perfect, we are about progress not perfection. We believe we have the most health protective screening in place. We do not claim to be the safest, the best, organic, non-toxic, all natural, green, etc. We strive to get "safe" products into everyone's hands. What we are doing is extremely difficult and we are doing it with complete transparency.

Let's set the bar for integrity in this industry!"

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New Consultant Call

Are you a new consultant? Or maybe you are looking to relaunch your business. Laura Stenovec will be leading a New Consultant Training call TOMORROW!

Call this Friday, March 18, at 10am PST, 11am MST, 12pm CST, 1pm EST.
or 408 638 0968, Meeting ID: 213 215 5315