Saving all your awesome money!

Kayla Thomas

Important of saving.

Saving accounts are that the risk is very low and the liquidity is high. The bad thing is that the return is low it is only .001% Saving bonds have a low risk. The return is .70% to 3.5%. The liquidity is low. If you take your money out before the saving bond time is done thee Is a penalty that the bank makes. Saving is income not spent. Methods of saving include putting money aside in a bank or something for the figurer. You are saving it.

Importance of investing.

It allows people to raise money for their businesses so the company can create products and market them. Stocks are something you can invest in They have a medium to high risk. The return is 11 and the liquidity is medium. You can also invest in property. The risk is high and so is the return. The liquidity is low.

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Some tips !


Saving tips!!! Some saving tips are you made a saving accounts. Have bonds. Don't have many stocks.

Investing tips!! Have stocks ! Get stocks as your young! and as you get older have less.

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