By Gemma and Sadie

The Basics

Dokimeki is a Japanese retail store at North Point mall. Some of the items are stuffed

animals, beanie boos, marble drinks, candy kits, and rilakkuma merchandise. We will be telling you how much it cost and how much they recieve.

The Prices

The Prices

A Rilakkuma is $12.Plushes are $30. Beenieboos are 8 dollars. 1 drink is 1.99. Candy kits are 8 dollars. Pucca is 30 dollars. The ram is 14.99.

Cut in Half

We divided every thing by 2 because we estimated that when they sell the item they bought from the other store, they add the amount of the price. Now the drink is 1.00, the candy kit is 4.00, rillakumma merchandise is 6.00, plushes are 15.00, pucca plush is 15.00, and the ram is 7.49. We added those numbers together to see how much they payed. We got 40.48. Then we added 40.48 plus 40.48 and got 80.96. We did this because we needed to know the minimum of the money that they receive a day and we cut it in half so we added that amount. WE wanted to get 40.48 so we know how much they pay.

The Conclusion

They pay $40.48 to get the products and They get $80.96 a day at the minimum. That is all of our project. THE END!!!