Battle of Gettysburg

By: Annie Cerpich

What was the battle of gettysburg?

It was a battle in the civil war between the union and the confederate. The unions leader was George G. Meade. The confederate was Robert E. Lee. It was a 3 day battle that took place in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. IT started on July 1 and ended July 3rd. the first day of battle was ranked as the 12th bloodiest battle in the civil war. The 2nd day had over 100,00 soldiers and was ranked the 10th bloodiest battle in the civil war. The union won the battle when Lee and his soldiers retreated to Virginia.

Facts About Gettysburg

The second day was the largest of the three days. There were 120 generals and 9 were wounded or killed. It was the costliest battle of the civil war. Soldiers fought on the hottest days of the year.
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Meade (left) Lee (right)

George G. Meade lead the union and Robert E. Lee lead the confederate.
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Union Wins

After 3 days of bloody battle the union wins the battle of Gettysburg.