career technology instructor

In need of a career technology instuctor ?

what you need to know about me

My name is Mikey and i am a career technology instructor. i like to teach this subject because i love technology and have been fascinated with the subject all my life. i was a career technology instructor for three years before the school let me go because they thought that career technology was not really a subject...but it is. now i am on the hunt for a job. i thought that since i went to college for this profession why not stick with it.

why should you hire me

you should hire me for many reasons. one reason is that i have a very good work ethic and will work extra hours or days if needed. second reason is that i am a very good teacher and almost all my students have got an A while taking my class. last reason is that i went to Yale college and have 4 years of college under my belt. those are just some reasons why you should hire me

when i will be able to be interviewed

Monday, March 31st, 9:30am to Thursday, April 3rd, 8pm

3452 my address lane

if you don't have this time available contact me and we will figure out a time