World War 1

"The War To End All Wars" by Carson Broome

Trench Warfare

Trench warfare was first introduced in World War 1. They were just ditches for the army to stay and fight in. These trenches were not at all clean. There were roaches, rats, lice and different bugs. There was also different sicknesses due to it being dirty.


There were some sacrifices that came out of the war like Meatless Tuesday or Wheatless Mondays which means some days you would go without meat or wheat. Also mothers lost their sons because they went to fight in the war.




One of the weapons were U-Boats which was for whoever blocked the Germans from trading with America they would shoot a torpedo at their boat. This is also one of the reasons why WWI was caused.


Alliances were also a big cause of the war because whenever war happened different countries join a different country and help them.