Feedback Letter

December 11, 2015

IB Summative Assessments

As we come to the end of our first unit of inquiry many of you have given or are in the process of giving your summative assessments. Our reflections will provide us opportunities to closely examine our assessments to see how we might improve upon them. IB has 4 additional questions for us to think about as we look at our assessments:

1. Did the summative assessment link to the central idea?

2. Did the assessment allow for individual differences?

3. Was the criteria for success in this inquiry clear for both students and teachers?

4. Did the assessment allow for feedback to students and parents?

IB Focus Wall Hallway Displays

At the beginning of the year we got to talk about what we wanted student displays in our hallways to look like. It was decided by the staff that a natural progression would be to move our IB Focus Walls from the classroom to the hallway at the end of the unit of inquiry. Student displays keep the learning visible and alive in our hallways! Below are examples in our hallways from 3 classrooms.
I look forward to seeing everyone's Focus Walls displayed in our hallways and visiting with students about their learning. Have a great week,