Amigo brothers

By Billy Vidmar

"We are together"


The book was good. The amigo brothers started as best freinds then ended up fighting in the end. They did everything together, They practiced together and got along like brothers. Untill they made it to the championship and had to fight each other. They decided to not be friends in the ring and fight each other the best they could. In the end they ended up tying the match and remaining best friends after all.


Antonio is 17 years old. Antonio loves to box. Antonio wanted to be in the championships. Antonio was taller then felix. Antonio he can hit from a longer distance.

Felix was 17 too. Felix was short. Felix he had bigger muscles. Felix hit alot harder then Antonio. Felix wanted to make it to the championship.


The setting is they are in a boxing ring. They also are on the street running. They are in Antionios house. They are also in Felixes house two. They are in a guys back yard.



Antonio and Felix both made it to the championship. They both want to win so bad so they trained and trained alot. They trained together practiced together. They did everything together.


Theres a conflict between Antonio and Felix. They both have to fight each other in the championship. So they told each other that they wont back down. They will fight has hard as they can.

About the author

Thomas (name Juan Pedro Tomas) was born to a mother and father. His neighborhood in the section of new york was filled with crime and violence. He was always referred to as Black despite because of his skin color.Thomas was involved with drugs, gang warfare and crime .While spending six years in prison, Thomas reflected on the teachings of his mother and father, and realized that a person is not born a criminal.

Favorite quotes

"Dont ever give up".

"Never break your sprit".

"We arnt friends in the ring only enemies".