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uranus itself

Uranus is not just a planet with a funny name. Uranus is a watery, gassy like planet. It is an ocean that is predicted to be 6000 feet deep. The only way we could walk on it is if it was ice. The temperature is beyond cold because it is so far from the sun. It is the seventh planet away from the sun.

Uranus has a tilt

Uranus has a story to tell, he is upside down! It all stared 12 billion years ago. A meteor hit uranus. The meteor was as big as earth. The impact was so hard that it fliped uranus, and its rings and gravitational field upside down. It took millions of years to finally settle. It remained upside down to this day.
How Uranus got it's tilt
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Uranus VS Neptune

Uranus is different than most planets. But one planet that is like it is Neptune. They are bolth blue and gas planets. But they are also very different. Like how Uranus was discovered before Neptune. Neptune is also larger than Uranus. Neptune is colder than uranus because it is farther away from the sun.
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Space exploration is the most difficult thing to study. It could take years for a satellite to get to a planet or meteor. So getting to uranus is a fantasy. In 1986 a satellite, (Voyager 2), flew past uranus and took pictures. It was launched in 1976. The problem is that uranus's surface is made of ice. If we settled there the ice would break. We would need some sort of space submarine to reach it. Uranus is very hard to get to.
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uranus is found

Uranus was discovered by William Herschel on March 13, 1781. Herschel was a hero. He named it uranus after the first greek god story. After that uranus was forgotten about. Until we eventually decided we would study it. The pronunciation was changed ;). Uranus remained the farthest planet until 1884 when Neptune was found.