Taiga Biome

By Alec Dickerson

3 Abiotic Factors




3 Biotic Factors




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What it's like, living in the Taiga Biome.

The Taiga Biome is the largest biome on earth. There is a ton of Animals that live there, such as River Otters, Wolverines, Black Bears, Grizzly Bears, etc. Every year, the Taiga Biome gets at least 12-33 inches of rain. It mostly rains during the summer. The average winter temperature is 20-30 degrees fahrenheit. The average summer temperature is 60-70 degrees fahrenheit. The mountains/rolling hills, are mostly covered by forest. The soil type is moist dirt, gravel, and snow. (snows only in the winter.)

Interesting Facts.

~The Taiga Biome is the largest biome in the world.

~This biome is known for its forest, and animals.

~ We need this biome because it is the most extensive and important vegetation types on Earth.

How do humans affect this biome in a good and bad way?