The life of Roberto Clemenete

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Early Life .

¨Born Aug. 18, 1934, in Carolina, Puerto Rico, Clemente excelled in athletics as a youngster – and at the age of 17 was playing for the Santurce Crabbers of the Puerto Rican Baseball League.¨ Roberto started his love for baseball early and got a chance to play for Puerto Rican league at the age of 17. Roberto later got signed to the LA Dodgers to start of his career as a major league baseball player, but later got drafted to there minor league team , ¨ The Dodgers signed him the following year, and by 1954 he was playing for their Triple-A team in Montreal.¨ (Roberto Clemente).
Roberto Clemente - Mini Biography

Baseball Career .

Clemente´s career started off in the Puerto Rican league and later getting drafted to the LA Dodgers but to find out when he gets there he would be playing for the Dodgers minor league team. Clemente later got traded to the Pittsburgh Pirates where he would finish off his career leading his team to a national title ,

¨Clemente recorded his 3,000th career hit late in the 1972 season, becoming just the 11th player to reach the milestone. Clemente and the Pirates won the NL East that year, but lost to the Reds in five games in the National League Championship Series.¨ Roberto also led his team in stats that year ¨He enjoyed perhaps his finest season in 1966, batting .317 with a career-best 29 homers and 119 RBIs to win the NL Most Valuable Player Award.¨ (Roberto Clemente ) (Roberto Clemente Biography) .

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Everyday Life .

Roberto Clemente was an average person who cared for his team and everyone around him. ¨Off the field, Clemente was described as a quiet gentleman. He was proud of his Puerto Rican heritage and stood up for minority rights. Clemente married Vera Zabala in 1963, and they had three sons. Renowned for his humanitarian work¨.