Estragon, GoGo, the man who's simplicity reflects his depth

Character Traits

Simplistic: Estragon, GoGo, is a simple character and the most simple of the four we have seen. While it can be argued that Lucky would be the most simple due to his submissive qualities, GoGo is the most simple due to his lack of caring and lack of intelligence. Estragon can be seen and heard talking about how he had been beaten, yet he doesn't seem to mind, it doesn't concern him. Estragon is a man focused more on his aching feet, and the food in his belly as apposed to his appearance and the morals of others. Even when being told the story of the thieves, he has no concern about why the majority chose to believe the one story over the others, he simply says, "That's all there is to it."

Dependent: GoGo is the dependent character throughout this play, he relies almost purely on Vladimir to make decisions, like leaving or staying while waiting for Godot, as well as providing him with food and information on what is happening. Though Estragon speaks of leaving Vladimir he never does because he simply cannot stand to be without him. Without DiDi, GoGo would be lost on his own.

Easily manipulated: Relating heavily to his dependence on his companion, Vladimir, Estragon is very easily manipulated into changing his mind about staying to await Godot. He had wanted to leave because he had no idea if they were even meant to meet him that day. Because Vladimir told him to stay and continue to wait, he did, he chose not to leave because he doesn't care much either way.

Social Constructs

Religion: Religion is easily spotted by the telling of the story of the Two Thieves. More subtle through the play, like in when DiDi asks if GoGo had read the bible, and when he answers he speaks of the holy land, it is used to show how he sees his current situation and what his escape will be.

Education: Education is shown in the play by the way the characters speak, Estragon speaks in slang and with a less educated vocabulary. Though both Vladimir and Estragon are uneducated it appears that GoGo is the least of the two. Neither of them can remember the day and have no concept of time, much like children. While education, or lack there of, is shown in the play the idea of not having an education is not a major concern to anyone in the play. Pozzo and Lucky are not concerned with the level of knowledge DiDi and GoGo have, they simply see them for what they are and the same the other way around. Estragon is not threatened by the idea that intelligence effected his life and that had he had more education life may have been different for him.

Economic status: Two contrasts have been shown so far in the play relating to the economic status of our main characters. Estragon and Vladimir are both poor, or at least appear to be, begs for money from a complete stranger and then asks said stranger if he would be able to eat his left over chicken bones. The stranger is the contrast, Pozzo is a very rich man and the man that Estragon decides to beg from.

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