The Glass Castle Real World Issues

Chet Licata

Mental Illness

Mental illnesses vary over many things. such as anxiety, or depression or even eating disorders. I think bipolarness affects many people in the family. as said in the article "bipolar disability causes dramatic highs and lows in a persons mood." I think this applies to RoseMary. An example of this is when they didnt have any food and she freaked out over being poor. She had a major mood swing in this event.


Rebellion means the refusal to obey certain rules. Rex Walls did this many times during the story. whether it was running from the cops out to bring him to court, or touching one of the most dangerous animal animals on the planet in a zoo. Rex is the master of rebelling against the law and he showed it in the story.


"all members of the family are affected" this quote sums up the whole story. Rex's battle with alcoholism runs their family in to the ground. they cant maintain a stable household for more then a year or so because of it. sometimes they cant even put food on the table because of his drinking problem.


This act wouldve chnged the family's life while growing up immensly. this act wouldve provided food for them every night and gave them a stable place to live.growing up with that would definitely have given the kids a safer life.


The only place where the kids shouldve been taken away is because of Rex's alcohol abuse. after all of the things their parents put them through, they never left them, they never neglected them, and never didnt try to take care of them.


Education was sort of the thing to come second in the kids lives growing up. They usually always went to school but never payed much attention to it. when they got older, they needed school. thery needed to go and learn and get degrees to get away from their parents. they needed stable jobs to get away from the house. they did have education later on in their lives.