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News from Mrs. Bush

Early Release Day- December 6

REMINDER: Tuesday, Dec. 6 is an Early Release Day. Students will be dismissed at 12:15 pm CST.

Weather Decision Guidelines from Dr. White

NPUSC Weather Decision Guidelines

The following guidelines are used by the NPUSC Superintendent and Transportation Director regarding daily decisions to attend school at regular time, on two hour delay, or to cancel school. A team of local volunteers from all areas of the school district advise and report to the Superintendent and Transportation Director on weather/road conditions to assist in the weather decision process.

Any weather decision will be made by 5:05 am central time (school time) due to the number of buses NPUSC uses, with the first bus leaving daily at 5:05 am CST. (NPUSC is one of the five largest school districts in Indiana by land area)

The team strives to make their final determination by 5:00 a.m. Team members rise early to contact sources and travel roads before reporting their findings. Once a determination is made, communication of any delay or cancellation begins via automated phone messaging, texts, website postings, and media contacts. While there are no easy or black and white rules to follow when making decisions regarding delays and cancellations, the following guidelines are considered:

  • Snow Accumulations/Predictions-Anything over 5-6 inches of snow is of concern or less if ice is involved; The timing of when snow is predicted to fall informs school start/end times and decisions on delays, cancellations, or early dismissals

  • Road Conditions & Snow Plow Progress Reports of both town or county roads and NPUSC parking lots

  • Conditions effecting visibility (either snow fall or fog)-anything less than one half mile (0.5 mile) of visibility creates concern in the decision process. Any area Dense Fog Advisory in combination with one half mile or less of visibility is cause for concern

  • Temperature- minus 5 degrees actual or wind chill is cause for concern for delay consideration

  • Feasibility of starting buses in cold or inclement weather

  • NPUSC Philosophy-if any area of NPUSC has weather conditions warranting delay or cancellation, all NPUSC schools are treated the same and all NPUSC schools will be delayed or cancelled. Given the land area of NPUSC within two counties, a situation with one area of NPUSC having conditions warranting a delay and another area having better conditions is possible.

Visibility and road conditions are important when making decisions on snow delays or cancellations. Predicting when snow will start or stop is challenging and conditions vary within our own school district. Our team is committed to erring on the side of caution while also balancing the reality that severe weather conditions are likely during our winters.

In the event that you are uncomfortable sending your student to school because of weather conditions you can keep your student at home until such time that you believe the conditions are favorable for safe travel.

We hope this information helps clarify the guidelines NPUSC considers when making weather decisions.

Paul White

NPUSC Superintendent

November Schoolwide Fun

iPad AUP and Reminders

iPads are coming home more often this year. For the first time, they will be sent home over Winter Break. Please make note of a few reminders, suggestions, and the Acceptable Use Policies for the safety of the students, as well as the devices.

  • If your child is using the device to play educational games, that is GREAT, but please monitor them carefully. For the students' safety, they should not be left unattended. It is possible for students to innocently be taken through ads and other links to sites that are inappropriate.
  • iPads should only be used for educational purposes.
  • Students should be the ONLY one using the device.
  • Websites and Apps such as Facebook, personal email, YouTube, etc. should not be visited on the student iPads.
  • Pictures and videos should not be taken unless it is part of a school assignment.
  • Apple IDs should not be changed and Apps should not be downloaded.
  • Care for the iPad is important. Keep them in a safe place and away from food and drinks. Keep them off the floor to avoid them getting stepped on.
  • Be sure not to leave the iPad in the car or out in the cold.

PTO Holiday Cancelled

The PTO Holiday night scheduled for Friday, Dec. 2 has been cancelled.

Upcoming Events

12/5-12/9 Student Council Food Drive

12/6 12:15 pm Early Release Day

12/8 5:30 pm 4th Grade Winter Program

12/10 Manny's Restaurante Giveback (Breakfast and Lunch)

12/12 2-4:30 pm Science Fair Project Drop Off

12/13 5-6 pm Science Fair Public Viewing (projects to be picked up at 6 pm)

12/15 8:15 am All School Read- Pajama Party (wear your pjs and slippers)

12/20 Grading Period Ends

12/21-1/4 NO SCHOOL- Winter Break

1/3 Texas Roadhouse Giveback Night

1/5 Students Return to School

1/6 Reports Cards sent home

Manny's Restaurante Giveback (Lunch and Breakfast)

Saturday, Dec. 10th, 6am-2pm

801 West Michigan Street

New Carlisle, IN