Literary Devices Found in Two Kinds

Hunter Coleman 8/24/12


The setting is in a Chinatown, in San Francisco.


Jing-mei and her mother are the two main characters. Her mother wants Jing-mei to become a prodigy like Waverlt Jong.


The exposition is that her mom wants her to become a prodidgy and make her start studying other prodigys. . The rising action is when she does terriable at her performance in front of her family. The climax is when her mom trys to get her to go back to the piano lesson and she rufuses. The conclusion is that the piano made Jing-mei realize how thankful she was of her mother

External Conflict

The internal conflict was that Jing-mei felt like her mom never was satisfied with her, and Jing-mei just wanted to be herself. Jing-mei was sad and her mother was dissapointed.

Internal conflict

The daughter struggles trying to find her identity because she doesn't see herself being a prodigy.


The theme of this story was to always listen to your parents. Although, her mom was pushing her to something she didn't want to do, she was doing what was best for her daughter.


First scene of story

In the scene of the story where the daughter looks at herself in the mirror she starts to see the real her. She starts to see her angry side and parts of her that shes never seen before. This relates to the title "Two Kinds" because the girl has two kinds of personalities.

What went wrong in the relationship between the daughter and mother

The thing that went wrong with the daughter and the mother was that they both had very strong and different opinouns about what they wanted to do. The girl was very against being the prodigy her mother wanted her to be. The mother was mad and dissapointed in her daughter for not being a prodigy.

Mother earlier life

The mother's earlier life had shaped her ambitions for daugher because her earlier life didn't involve a lot. She wanted her daughter to have everything she never had. She wanted her daughter to take advantage of all the oppritunity America had to offer.