Joseph Pulitzer

By Matt Lee

The lIfe of Joseph Pulitzer

Joseph Pulitzer was born on April 10,1847 to Philip Politzer and Louise Berger. Pulitzer left home at 17 to pursue a career in the army. He applied for many European armies, but was turned down for all until the US hired him into the army. Pulitzer participated in the civil war, but was left jobless when the war ended. Joseph moved to St. Louis, where he worked for Carl Schulz at his newspaper The Westlich Post. Shortly after starting there Joseph was jokingly nominated for the state legislature, however he ran seriously and won. After serving his term, Pulitzer bought the St. Louis Post and Dispatch, which he combined into the Post-Dispatch. Using the profits from the Post-Dispatch Joseph also bought the World, a highly successful newspaper. Pulitzer ran his 2 newspapers until his death on October 29th 1911.

Achievments and interesting facts

Pulitzer won a seat on the state Legislature.

He ran the highly successful World and Post-Dispatch newspapers.

He created the Pulitzer Prize.

When Pulitzer died, his will funded a school of journalism at the University of Columbia.

Pulitzer's father died when he was only 11.

Joseph fought as cavlary in the Civil War.

Pulitzer went blind in 1889, but continued to run his newspapers.


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