HOA Happenings

March 13, 2020

A letter from the Principal

Students and Families;

These are very unique and challenging times.

We are an online school for the Hillsboro School District and follow the same calendar as the rest of the district. The expectations for students and staff are therefore the same. We cannot ask our students and staff to “do school” as normal, when the rest of the district is out on an extended break, even though as an online school we are able to.

You can encourage your student to use this time to catch up with missing work or even work ahead. Staff are not required to do school over the break. Please check the HSD Website for the most current information pertaining to these challenging times. Do note that all meetings and appointments previously scheduled for next week are cancelled. If you had a meeting or appointment that was cancelled, HOA staff will reach out to you when they return.

Thank you and stay healthy!

Linda Harrington - Principal

Due dates for assignments

All due dates for March 16-31 are "wrong"/"maybe wrong"/"who knows"/ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, and it is OK to not do work during those days, even if it shows on your calendar. Teachers will re-edit due dates when school starts back up and we know more.


School operates the same as it does during Winter Break:
  • Teachers will be out of the building
  • Building is closed
  • Students are not required to complete schoolwork
  • Canvas & Odysseyware are open and students are able to catch up on missing assignments