It's Me Again

January 9th


Well, all I can say is...

The teacher was worn out and asks your forgiveness.

That "check off sheet" on the back of the small moment sheet that came home on Thursday wasn't there.

Writing Preparation

When we send home the sheets to go over for our weekly opinion or small moment writing, please be sure to do only the parts designated on the directions. Please do not have your child to do the entire story. The stories will be done in class.

Reading Information

As you know from information previously sent home, our formal reading benchmarks are now taking place. We sent home more information on Friday regarding things to practice, sample questions, etc. We also went ahead and sent home reading folders with several books that each child selected. You may leave reading folders at home this coming week so that you will be ready to practice nightly. Please read over all the information carefully and feel free to email me with any questions you may have. Pleeeeeease place extra focus on having your child to answer questions in written form. Check to see that the answers are in complete sentences, are accurate, and are detailed. The catch 22 in regard to the answers is that if they are too basic, they are considered incorrect, however if they are trying to be detailed but get off topic, they are also considered incorrect. Heavy sigh.... We'll get through it together. Please, please practice each night! I will send your child's scores when all benchmarks are completed.

"Extras" Reminder

If you would like for your child to purchase extras at lunch, please send us a note that day in his/her black notebook.