San Francisco, Washington D.C, Florida

San Francisco

The Golden Gate Bridge is in San Francisco. It was completed in four years. The length of the bridge 2.74km. You are about 50 minutes walk can be crossed. We want to feel the cool breeze. Walking is free. We will cross the bridge. Chinatown in San Francisco in April 1906 was formed after the great fire. We will eat dim sum here.

Chinatown -- San Francisco

Washington D,C

Washington DC is situated on the banks of the Potomac River and the north. Washington, DC is the capital of the United, States of America does not belong to either 50 weeks of independent administrative districts. Capitol in Washington dc city. Capitol to the start of construction in September 1793 , was completed in November 1800 . General Douglas MacArthur in the Capitol , a statue of General Grant . Bill MacArthur 's Inchon landing in Korea was a success and now coming from Washington, DC, wants to go to the statue of General Douglas MacArthur

두번째 날 - 워싱턴 D.C.

FLorida (Flroida Keys)

Florida Keys are a coral island in the southeast United States.Florida is a good place to enjoy water sports. A lot of people fishing, there is a water sports such as diving, of various types. I will always fishing If you go to Florida. Look at the information about fishing with some information, was seen to catch a really big fish. I prefer fish dishes.
Florida Keys Overview Video