Education weekly news

08/15/2013 to 08/30/2013

Education home and search page are in progress.

What's next ?

Education Home and search page

What have we done ?

  1. Front developpement is ok :
  2. Display test are ok :


For all: Sponsorised link at the top of the home and search-result page.

For Trainings : First card can be sponsorised

For Training center and school : On top for 2 in each category.



  • mock-up
  • Tech meetings

In progress:

  • Wording: meeting to schedule
  • Workshop with sales-team to schedule about search.

Delivery :

  • Sept. 24th
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Focus on test plan development


  1. Every time that the google drive is updated every tester have to test the feature in his excel tab. He has to make a repport of strange behaviors.
  2. He has to make a repport of strange behaviors directly in the document
  3. Corporate solutions team create Jira for bugs or validate if it's ok.

Corporate Solutions team

Ali Laanatri

Senior Product owner - Company Pages - Education - Schoolpage Product Dept

Jonathan Leonardo
Web Product Manager Assistant - Company Pages - Product Dept

Romain Berthomé

Web Product Manager Assistant - Education - Schoolpage- Product Dept