Poteet ISD Sneak Peek

May 16-20

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Aggie Spotlight

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Juan Padron - Special Education/Inclusion Teacher

1. What is one thing not many people at Poteet ISD would know about you?

Many person would not know that 1st I was born here in Poteet, and 2nd that I have been an Administrator.

2. Share a celebration moment you have about your class/students/job/co-workers/


Great moments: students get excited about learning, Lighted faces when they are successful, Friendliness of the staff and community, and last being with family.

3. What Energy Bus word did you choose this year?

I chose optimistic, because we always have to look at the best side of everything.

4. What is your goal this year at Poteet ISD?

My goal is to challenge the students to work at their best.

5. Finish this sentence: At work I am great at _____________________.

Teaching Math

6. Someone at work that inspires me is ______________.

My spouse. and the staff I work with.