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By: Lindsey Gies


Perseverance means to push yourself to achieve an important goal. Adversity represents something that is hard to get through (hardship). Perseverance is used in situations where an adversity comes along.

Description - Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill is an important and inspirational historical figure. He was also an eloquent speaker. He was born in 1874 in Great Britain. His childhood wasn’t planned out very well. He never saw his parents growing up, and his beloved Nanny died when he was 21 years old. Throughout his life he has shown happiness, hard work, and braveness. For example in World War II, he served his first term as Prime Minister, and he saved Europe and Britain. He also was praised for the work he did behind the scenes to prepare for the war. during 1914. However, he is best known for giving thought out speeches. During this time, Churchill was changing lives because of his creative speeches. Winston Churchill once said, “Do not let us speak of darker days: let us speak rather of sterner days.” From this quote, we know that he wants all people to be speaking of the positive, not the negative. In conclusion, Winston Churchill made a positive impact on people's lives.

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Problem and Solution - Losing to Win

Adversity and perseverance share a relationship together. Adversity was something the girls in Losing To Win had to experience. Most of the girls were confined to going to specific events or even just wanting to do something. The hardships the girls had to endure ranged from their parents being alcoholics to divorces. Perseverance came along when the girls worked as a team to play basketball even though they didn’t win any games. The dilemma is that the girls on the team felt bad about themselves, had a negative attitude and self-esteem, and their team was losing on a 218 game losing streak. All the girls were forced to go to Carroll Academy and play basketball. All the girls had gone through adversities that couldn't be controlled and they persevered through them. One possible solution is that the girls stuck with the basketball team than letting themselves do harmful things to their body. The girls also noticed that they had a family that supports them 24/7. They realized that they weren’t the only ones going through these issues. It helps them feel better about themselves, and the girls now know that they aren’t alone in these situations: someone’s there to help. In conclusion, the girls survived a lot of tough hardships but they persevered and accomplished a goal. The girls know that they have a family that won’t walk away from them.

Cause and Effect - Jackie Robinson

Racism, physical aggression, stereotypes. Perseverance came in handy and made life much easier. Jackie Robinson had to face a ton of adversities throughout his MLB league. Since Robinson experienced tons of adversities, he joined Branch Rickey and The Noble Experiment to persuade the whites that race doesn't matter. One of the effects was that Jackie faced rejection while he was fighting for what he believed in. Also, people were trash-talking him and getting physically aggressive towards him because the whites thought they were better than the blacks. Jackie couldn't retaliate because if he did, he would've lost everything he had dreamed of getting. In conclusion, Jackie put up with a ton of hardships, but he persevered through it all so he could get what he wished for. Jackie was a catalyst who changed the rules by standing up for what he believed in and he showed resilience during these tough times. Even though rejection hit him hard, he didn't give up on his dreams.

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In conclusion, we can all learn from the perseverance of others to help ourselves get over an adversity by showing others that giving up isn't the answer. Giving up on something is like letting the other team win. Just persevering through the adversities will make everything better in the end. Get inspired from others and make life the best.