Brain Hemispheres

Prof. Comm Denesha Braxton

What are brain hemispheres?

Brain Hemispheres are divided into the left and the right sides of the brain. The left side of the brain tends to control the right side of the body and is the more logical side of the brain. There the left side is responsible for words, numbers, lists, and etc.

The right side of the brain controls the left side of the body. The right side is also responsible for creativity, color, awareness, and etc.

My Left/Right Brain Test

When taking the left or right brain test I was in the middle, being logical and having that creative side. However, I do tend to lean towards the right side of the brain simply because of the activities I enjoy.

I joined DATA to be in the Visualization strand. I've taken a lot of electronic art classes to expand my knowledge in technology and to express my creativity. However, when faced with a task I tend to not be as creative and that's where the left side of my brain takes over.

Facts about me!

  • I enjoy photography and film
  • I've taken almost every art elective in DATA
  • I like listening to music
  • I love to sleep ( because I love to dream)
  • I like English because I love to write
  • If I can't see it I can't do it (can't parallel park)
  • I like coming up with new ideas and senior projects although I don't necessarily have to do them.
  • I am a twin and she also tends to be more of a right brain type of person