Merchant And Venice

Love and Friendship

Jessica and Bassanio

At the end Jessica ran off with Lorenzo to be with him because she loved him and also Jews and Christians aren't aloud to be together. Another reason is she didn't want to be with her father because he didn't like the idea of a Jew and Christian dating. In the beginning when Jessica and Lorenzo saw each other it was love at first sight. Even though Jews and Christians aren't supposed to be together Jessica and Lorenzo were meant to be.

Portia and Bassanio

Before and after Choosing the led casket Bassanio had really strong feelings about Portia after seeing her and so did she. It was like love at first sight just like Jessica and Lorenzo when they saw each other. You could even tell that Portia loved Bassanio because she helped him by saving Antonio's life even though he didn't know it was Portia. Therefore Portia and Bassanio are meant to be.

Antonio And Bassanio

Antonio and Bassanio's friendship is very valuable to both of them because they both would do anything for each other. Just like how Antonio gave Bassanio money because he wanted to woo Portia. Bassanio payed him back by getting Portia as his wife and he has now lots of money to repay Antonio. So therefore friends like Antonio and Bassanio are always there for each other.



None but that ugly treason of mistrust,
Which makes me fear the enjoying of my love:...


Away, then! I am lock'd in one of them:
If you do love me, you will find me out....