Collin's Colony

When you see the price, pack your wife.

We have great land and soil!

We have only the best land for growing crops, raising cattle, and growing cotton or lumber! We have a great water source for drinking and watering crops. Our land is only 12.5 cents. Our Colony is great for the family! We assure everyone a safe environment. We don't allow drunkards, profane swearers, gamblers, or idlers. We want people who are hard working and people who have good character.

Our great Colony!

Join our Colony.

We have plenty of land for everyone to come! Each single man will be granted 640 acres, a wife would be granted 320 acres, each child you have will be granted 160 acres, and if you have slaves they would be given 80 acres each! Our land is much cheaper then the U.S land. We charge you 12.5 cents per acreage but the U.S charges you $125!

Where are we at?

Our land is located between the Lavaca and the San Jacinto rivers.