Egypt celebrates new years day but it is not a public holiday. It is a religious holiday, celebrated in January. It celebrates Jesus birthday on January 6th and on that day many christens go to church

art,music and dance (entertainment)

Egyptians play many types of stringed instruments, they also played wind instruments


The main religion is Islam 90% is Muslim, 1% other christens and Coptic 9%


Official is Aribac other is English and French.


They have sweet short bread called Kaik they also ate pita bread with olive oil and spices. Kababs are made with roasted meat and vegtables, falafles are made with beans that are smashed and rolled into balls. Sweet dates are very popular in Egypt.

Famous person

Cleopatra vII is one of the most famous of the phlomitic who governed for over 3 hundred years. Mohamed Morsi was president from June 2012 to July 2013
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Egyptians used simplest and cheapest material for most of there clothes. Men wore more than a kind of kilt. It was fasened around the waist with a knot. Girls wore simple dresses which were plain white or beige. Men began to wear longer skirts with baggy tunics and cloaks on top. Girls are pleated and fringed robes over their plain dresses


The flag is red white and black with a golden eagle. It reminds Egypt of Saladin.


A dark cloud hangs over Egypt's capital. It is a concentrated layer of pollution that decends every fall


The Great Giza is the biggest pyramid in the world. It is 454 feet high. Cario is the capital of Egypt. The Sphinx was carved from a natural rock. It is located in Giza where it guards the front of Khafra's pyramid.
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