The Reds Tale

May 9, 2017

From the Desk of Mr. Roote

HAPPY TEACHER APPRECIATION DAY! Donuts and bagels at the greeter desk, in the staff room and in the custodial/maintenance break room. Here are options for winners:
  • We will wash your car while it is parked at NHS.
  • We will perform a home chore of your choosing
  • You can garnish .5 hours of Mr. Roote’s weekly pay
  • We will grade a class set of student work.
  • In character, we will serenade you with the ballad of your choice-preferably an 80’s rock ballad!
  • We will cook a s’more or fresh steak and deliver it to your classroom.
  • We will fold a load of your laundry.
  • We will wheel you to or from your classroom on the day of your choosing.
  • We will bake you cookies and then tuck you into bed with a cookie and glass of milk.
  • We will cover the cost of your regular coffee/donut visit.
  • Preferred parking in a visitor spot of your choosing.
  • Free admission into a spring Section V athletics playoff event.
  • We will cover your study hall or duty.
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From the Desk of Mr. Wagner

This time of the year seems to increase student stress and frustration with either their academics or their peers. I have noticed some behavioral trends the last two weeks that I want to share. Student conflicts seem to be more prevalent the last two weeks. Everyone is doing a nice job communicating and responding to conflict related situations. Please continue to keep your eyes and ears open and report any student concerns to the main office or counseling office. Another trend I have noticed is that some students are checking out. Some students have decided to stop working and others are attempting to avoid class and hide out in the hallways. Be sure to continue to encourage students to finish the year strong. Offering grade repair plans and positive encouragement can make a difference in student motivation. The counseling office and main office are here to support that effort in any way needed. These behaviors are not uncharacteristic for this time of year and we have multiple support services to offer our students. Revisit the concept of mindfulness to help refocus students on their learning. Check out Integrating Mindfulness into Your Classroom Curriculum for some quick tips.

Mash Up

On Wednesday, May 10, Mr. Cook and members of his team would like to present the NCSD budget to you. If you would like to to hear more look for him at 2:30 pm in the LGI.

During the last warm-up the main office addressed a handful of dress code violations. Exposed mid-sections seemed to be trending and so was the excuse, "How come nobody said anything until now?". So, as we near the next weather front that brings us 70's and 80's please be on the lookout for dress code violations. It is absolutely critical that first and second period teachers enact the code of conduct as our credibility is lost when things get addressed for the first time in the cafeteria.

Social Emotional Learning and the Plan for Excellence

On the heels of some work with the counseling office, district office, my regional principals group and the Newark administrative team related to the "13 Reasons Why" Netflix series I accessed some resources I don't spend as much time with as I should. Take a look:

I will avoid being grim, but must point out that we work regularly with providers, students and families touched by many of the triggers/warnings signs noted in the article above. This is difficult subject matter, but we must be cognizant of it!

With school based kindness and empathy initiatives trending all around us I thought I would start to showcase this work on a weekly basis:

Calendar Share

Wednesday, May 10 at 2:30 pm in the LGI. NCSD Budget. Contact: Mr. Cook.

Friday, May 12. Curriculum Proposals Due. Contact: T Roote.

Friday, May 12 at NRW. Special Olympics.

Wednesday, May 24 from 8:00-11:00 am. Health & Wellness Fair. Contact: N Reinholtz.

Wednesday, June 7 from 7:30-11:00 am. Academic Awards Assembly. Contact: K Springett.

The Newark High School Mission, Vision and Values

The Newark High School Mission: We are a school community with deeply held hometown pride, committed to readying young people to be life-long learners with experiences aimed at continuously motivating us to hone our skills in the complex tasks of teaching and learning. Our community is devoted to providing supports for the aspirations of our adolescents as they mature into adults with ambitious plans for college and careers.

The Newark High School Vision: Staff embody the school values and impart confidence while providing an inviting classroom environment with clear expectations and specific academic and behavioral goals. Students embody the school values through intellectual and emotional perseverance. Families embody the school values while remaining actively involved as advocates for their children and supporters of the school programs and staff.

The Newark High School Values: Safe, Responsible, Trustworthy, and Respectful.