Lake Olympia Tech

What's Happening with Technology Education?

Why Do Students Need Technology Integration Lessons?

Lake Olympia is an integration campus, meaning there are few, if any, technology teachers. Students are leaving for high school not knowing the very basics, like Office products, internet safety or web tools.

The technology infrastructure is currently being improved, so integrating tools should become easier and easier.

Contact Jessica Mozisek for technology integration ideas!

LOMS Teacher Shoutouts!

Don't be shy LOMS teachers! Show off your integration lessons!

- Ms. Morgan helped students format in Microsoft Word! Now her students can type essays with ease!

- Mrs. Johnson is going science fairy techy by making science fair projects digital and interactive! No need to buy glitter and glue!

- Ms. Matthie used Gizmos to study cell structure and function and also how cells get energy!

- Ms. Eapen is using Nearpod to help students understand balanced and unbalanced forces!

- Shoutout to the science department for their continued use of digital lessons and virtual labs with the Fusion online textbook!

Jessica Mozisek, M. Ed.

I am a former classroom teacher passionate about making teacher lives easier and students more engaged through the use of content coordinated technology. I am constantly researching trends and drafting curriculum that marries the standards with Technology Applications TEKS.