Monse Amezquita

West Rowan High School 🎀

My name is Montserrat Amezquita Carapia and i am 14 years old. I am a freshman in West Rowan High School. I live in a house with my 2 brothers, sister,mom, and dad. I have another sister and she is the oldest of all but she does not live with us , she actually lives with her husband and now her daughter that was born today January 22, 2015.My older brother just graduated from UTI Nascar and is going to become an mechanic. My second oldest sister is in Rowan Community College and is going to become a teacher. I was born i Mexico but came to the U.S at the very end of 3rd grade. My favorite sport is soccer and volleyball. My least favorite subject of school is science and my favorite is math. When i grow up i want to become a veterinary because i love animals !