Siegrist Staff Newsletter

April 8 , 2016


EPIC questions

Send you answers to the following questions to your administrator prior to your EPIC meeteing (this will allow for a quicker meeting, and more focused discussion):

What does the current data tell you about your progress toward mastery on indicator 1?

What does the current data tell you about your progress toward mastery on indicator 2?

How will positive improvements be maintained?

What continued growth still exists?

What indicators would you consider for improvement in the future?

2016-17 Accellerated Reading District Wide- Expectations

Purpose of AR:

  • Supports leveled independent reading practice

  • Enables students to set and track individual long term goals

  • Quizzes used to assist educators in student accountability to reading practice, validating text recall, and supporting student book level choice.

AR is NOT:

  • Comprehension assessment

  • A punitive/ reward system

  • A grade to be used in grade book

  • To determine reading level

  • A reading curriculum

  • Used to determine if all students meet a minimum point level

  • For all students (some students are not motivated by this program)

Teachers will:

  • Determine if it is appropriate motivational tool for each student

  • Assist students to determine appropriate individual goals

  • Monitor participation

  • Reflect and apply this program flexibly to meet the needs of students

  • Get feedback from students and parents on student participation and success

Students will:

  • Give feedback to teachers regarding participation

  • Engage in realistic goal setting and feedback on progress

It can be used as as individual or class goals and rewards. But because not every child may participate, rewards (ex. AR recess) can not be just for kids that meet goals, or participate. Class rewards should be accessible to the whole class.

Take Away: You will need to communicate to your administrator at CHECK OUT if you will be participating and can adhere to the above guidelines - to purchase licenses for your class.

Grade Level Field Trips

The PCR3 purpose of field trips is to provide real world, relevant experiences that serve as an extension of the curriculum into the community at large. The District believes meaningful learning is enriched through hands-on, first-person experiences where the classroom and the community converge.

In the 2016-17 school year, field trips, which are an extension of the curriculum will be determined by CIA for each grade level. Each grade level will take two field trips (one determined by grade levels to correspond with core curriculum, and one field trip to correspond with the specials curriculum). The specials teachers have picked the field trip for K-5 so the only thing left is to pick grade level field trips. This will be determined at the last CIA meeting of the year.

Take away: two field trips per grade level each year (1 core curriculum, and 1 specials curriculum), will be determined at the last CIA meeting of the year.

Curriculum Resources

Kim and I have to audit the curriculum resources that you have in each room as well as the furniture inventory. First step is pulling all of the curriculum that was given to you from the closets into your classroom. We would like to do this before all of the "packing" starts. If you could start to line those items up in your classrooms, then we will come around April 18th to audit the materials. Hopefully we will be able to send the non-used items (non-Tier 1 supplemental materials) off to DEC and get it out of our way before the big move starts. You will need to pack SS, SCI, ELA, and Math items to be moved to your new room after the audit.

We will be collecting:

A class set of text books for : Reading Street, EnVisions 1.0, Investigations

Teacher manuals - Reading Street, EnVisions 1.0, Investigations

We will count and then you will keep/pack:

Envisions 2.0 textbooks, Envisions, 2.0 teachers manual, GHGH leveled readers, Reading Street leveled readers, Science leveled readers, manipulatives from any version of curriculum, social studies books, science books.

If curriculum items are not listed, we will check with AST, and then notify the group. Stay tuned :)

One set of Reading Street materials for each grade level will be kept in the library for checkout if needed.

Take away: Don't pack your curriculum materials yet. Admin will audit and remove items that are not needed to be moved to new rooms.

PLC May 4

PD portion of the meeting:

Classroom teachers will be receiving training and explanation regarding the mandatory use of Running Records for the 2016-17 school year. We know there have been a lot of questions about this, so hopefully these questions will be answered on May 4.

3:00-5:00 Class List Development and Refinement. (see the transition sheet section below)

Transistion Sheet

You will soon receive a list of student in your class that are going to Compass and a list going to Siegrist.

Here are some key notations that you will need to fill out transition sheets:

Color sticker flags (can pick up from Tracy):

Yellow: Frequently participates in remediation/SST/Low group for PT

Red: High needs student (behavior and emotional)

Green: ELL/ SPED

Blue: High needs parents (frequent communication/ needs)

EOY Guided Reading Lvl: The last book level used in guided reading during this school year.

STAR Reading score: If you happen to have taken the test in May by the time we meet (unlikely) so leave blank- DO NOT PUT JANUARY's score on there. SCALED SCORE Only

STar Math score: If you happen to have taken the test in May by the time we meet (unlikely) so leave blank- DO NOT PUT JANUARY's score on there. SCALED SCORE Only

Overall Score (Academics)- Should somewhat correspond to generalized performance in academics as defined by our reporting topics descriptors

Behavior: Mark items if they are frequently observed and worthy of noting. A comment on the back should be generalized and focused on the things that helped this student be successful with existing behaviors.

Circle any SPED services

Check any Additional Services

Put students' names on the transition sheet that you feel are not beneficial combinations to the learning environment.

Parent Involvement: Consider support for learning, not just volunteering.

Picture on the back

Teacher Comments: These comments should focus the readers attention on the NEED to know FACTS. These could be used in a court of law, and should be professional in nature.

Classroom teachers- SURVEY

Please take this survey for the Tier 1 CIA feedback group. This is a great way to share feedback on our current Tier 1 expectations and resources.

Things to Do

1. Schedule your CPIC or EPIC for April - has to be done by the end of April- must be scheduled by the end of this week! (Our schedules are packed)

2. Schedule your Inventory with your admin for 2016-17 (Kim or Jen)

3. Pull out your curriculum and organize your items for audit by April 18

3. Clean out storage by May 1

4. Put pictures on your transition sheets

5. Update transition sheets

6. Take teacher survey for Tier 1

Important Dates Coming Up...

Friday, 4/1


Hoops for Heart Open Gym 4pm-6pm

Monday, 4/4

MAP TESTING 3rd grade

Tuesday, 4/5

MAP TESTING 3rd grade

Wednesday, 4/6



Thursday, 4/7


Focus group ($25/Hour- must RSVP above)

Kindergarten Kickoff

Friday, 4/8


Tuesday, 4/12

Jen Out

Wednesday, 4/13

Jen Out

Thursday, 4/14

First grade music concert


Aaron Jackson 4/7

Tina Cochran 4/7

Michael Hoffman 4/10 (Buy him a granola bar)

Sarah Bryan 4/20


Don't hesitate to Jen here, or Kim here!