Old American Society

1880 - 1920


The telegraph was a very substantial piece of work during the industrialization age. It was, and or is one of the first forms of "long distance" communication in the world. Samuel Morse created the telegraph in 1837. The telegraph was used during 1917-1920 during WWII for transmitting "Morse" codes to each other.
Like the telegraph, Alexander Graham bell, much like Samuel Morse, created a very revolutionary communication device called the telephone. With the telephone morse code was no longer needed. Without only hearing morse, which sounded like a beeping noise, you could now hear the communicators voice. this was very revolutionary in that it helped with businesses and the urbanization era.
Morse Code & Telegraph Key Facts | Electronics+Radio
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Skyscrapers were a very big deal during the urbanization age. Some skyscrapers were built between 1884 and 1939. They were built primarily to create more space within the citys, especially when immigrants and big political machines came into the picture.
During these times, nativism was either a good or bad thing. When immigrants came into america's city's, the natives did not like the way they came in. immigrants tended to over populate the big citys and take jobs from natives, and the immigrants barley spoke and barley could read english.
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Urbanization is a population shift from rural areas to more populated urban areas. This was great in that it began the start of some great inventions. These inventions consisted of skyscrapers, new plumbing systems, basically it was a major shift in the world.
Political machines were political orginizations in which an authoritative boss or small group commands the support. They were a big deal in that they would support immigrants in ways like money and help make room for them in the citys only if they would support and make the government look good.
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NAACP, founded in 1909, was a "colored" orginization who fought for they're civil rights and equality. They would protest for what they believed in. The group was founded by Du Bois.
Women wanted the right to vote and just equal rights in general. This movement was called womens sufferage. There were many orginizations for this movement who fought daily for their rights vote. Soon enough in, in 1920, the 19th amendment was the one to give women the right to vote.
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World War I

It is said that nationalism was a cause of the war. Nationalism is when a country basically brags about them being the best of the best. For example England, France, and Germany would always be at constant battle because of their extreme patriotism
The great migration was a large movement of african americans who moved from rural areas to populated cities. It helped them by finding jobs for industries. During this time African Americans built a new place for themselves in public life to start a better life style.
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