My Favorite Vacation

Mexico is a really nice place to go to relax.

You should go to Mexico

There is a lot of stuff to do in Mexico. You can kayak, fish, snorkel, eat, relax and a lot more.

Every morning we go kayaking

Every morning we go kayaking to an island about a mile off the beach. We get out of our kayaks and walk around the island for about two hours every day.

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The most popular question

The most popular question asked was, were there really two water spouts? Yes there really was

My Favorite Vacation

I went to Mexico for my vacation. We go almost every year. This one time I asked if we could bring a couple of my friends to Mexico. We brought six friends counting me, my brother and my parents. We did a lot of stuff at the airport. We got there at 4:00 in the morning. We were really tired but excited. We ran around, drank coffee, ate and a lot more. We sat and waited for the plane for about two hours. It was boring but fun at the same time. Me and Jayce got to sit on the plane together. We listened to music then we watched a movie. We got picked up and dropped off at our house in the resort town of Puerto Aventuras. We own the house in the resort. On the way to the house my dad told us a story about the house. He said that if the house is not named that a ghost will haunt the house. Right when the story ended, it started to rain. The first night weird things were happening. The lights started to flicker on and off. We went downstairs. It was still raining. Lightning struck and the whole place lit up. When it was still light, We saw a person staring through one of the windows. The light went away and it was pitch black for a second. Lightning struck again and the man was gone. Than me and Jake realized that we haven't named the house yet. The lamp next to us turned off and fell on the ground. The night was over and it all stopped. We gave the house a name. The storm was still going on. The clouds were very black. Then out of nowhere a tornado came down and hit the water. About five minutes later another tornado came down at the same place. We weren't scared because we knew that it wouldn't come out of the water. The next day the storm finally stopped. We got on our kayaks and went to an island that we found about a mile off of the beach. Every time we go there we get out of our kayak and explore the island for about two hours. After we explore the island we kayak back and get our goggles and snorkel. We all split up and snorkel around the island. That is about it for my favorite vacation.

We always have a good time in Mexico