All ABout Me

Carla da Trindade


I am currently in my first year studying for a Bachelors of Education (Secondary) Degree at The University of Notre Dame, Fremantle.

Units enrolled so far:

· Introduction to Teaching and Curriculum Framework

· Introduction to Developmental Psychology

· Introduction to ICT for Teachers

· Information Literacy Skills for Education Students

· Introduction to Physical Geography

Where was I:

I graduated from The Vaal Triangle University of Technology in 1989 as a computer programmer and was working in the Information Technology sectors until 2007 . My role has changed over the years as I climbed up the corporate ladder and as a challenge I made a slight career change in 2007 and qualified as a Systems Business Analyst. In 2011, my family and I immigrated to Australia to start a new life.

Other Interests:

Why Teach:

I decided to pursue a career in Education because I enjoyed the instructional aspect of my career. Once I arrived in Australia I wanted to be more available to my children but still wanted to keep busy so I got a part-time job helping out at a crèche. This was a highlight for me. I enjoyed it so much that I decided to make a career change again and go into teaching.

I’m specialising in Geography and History because I love the subject and I believe that having a passion for what you do always comes across as infectious enthusiasm. You can touch more lives when you are having fun.