The Giver

By Sydney Burton

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The Giver community is based in the future. In each house there is a mom and a dad and also 1 girl and 1 boy. There are stages in everyone's life like when you turn 9 you get a bike. In the movie when you are 16 you get assigned to a job.
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The apple is a symbol of life. It is real emotion because its a real color. When Jonas sees the color red for the first time, this is the first time he realizes he is different. This makes him unique, because no one else in the community feels things except the Giver of course.


In the novel The Giver by Lois Lowry, Jonas does everything and anything to give memories back to the community so they can feel emotion again and everything can go back to how it was. In the movie and in the book there are a lot of similarities and differences.


Fight for what you believe in, even if anyone else has no idea of whats going on and your real friends are the ones who help you and believe in you.


In the Giver some similarities are in the movie he is 16 and In the book he is 12 the effect of this is so the audience takes Jonas more seriously for example when Jonas leaves the community everybody takes him seriously and the Giver trusts him. Also the first memory that the Giver gives Jonas is the sled and the snow memory the effect of this is to show him that there are somethings he doesn't know about the community and there is emotion. "...The ground was thick with the furry snow, but he sat slightly above it on a hard, flat object. Sled..."(Lowry 81) A difference is in the movie is The giver gives Jonas a lot more memories than in the book. The effect of this is to make the movie more interesting and it also gives Jonas more emotion and knowledge. Another difference is in the movie the friendships are a lot deeper than in the book the effect of this is to give Jonas more of a person to trust for example when Fiona helps Jonas escape with Gabe.