Express - Storm

2015 Fall Baseball Minor League

"Express-Storm" Team Roster and Game Schedule

Tug Boren

Colton Bragan

Jacob DeChambeau

Tanner Evans

Vincent Horn

Colby Jacobs

Adam Kelly

Jack Kelly

Samuel Maughan

Caleb Thompson

Jase West

Dade Wilson

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Jacob's Birthday Party has been cancelled.

Happy Birthday Jacob!!!!!

** Final News **

October 27, 2015

Wow the season is over - last game is tonight. Not sure about you but for me the time flew by. We had a very successful season regardless of the standings. I have witnessed our young players improve athletically and improve their confidence. The boys have begun to learn what it means to be part of a team too, by encouraging and helping each other.

I am proud of the boys. They have each showed commitment to the team and to the sport of baseball. I look forward to watching your young son grow as a person and as an athlete over the coming years. It's been a pleasure coaching the boys. I can think of only a handful of things in life that give me as much joy.

Coach Bill

P.S. I included Jacob DeChambeau's birthday party announcement below, I forgot to mention it after last week's game then we were rained out on Saturday. (There have been a few other birthday's during our short fall-season but unfortunately I wasn't made aware of them till after the fact.) So, I thought it might be a fun way to end our season by celebrating Jacob's birthday.

Jacob's Birthday Party!!!

Please RSVP If you haven't already (it slipped my mind till my boys reminded me!!)
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Game Schedule

(I'll reformat the schedule to be more readable soon...)
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Latest News

September 21, 2015

I want to reiterate how proud I am of the boys -- they played a great game Saturday. First game jitters and coaching errors (maybe I had first game jitters too!) really were what caused our loss.

As a team we have a great range of talent but a couple things caught me off guard: A few of the players have not played in a league where base stealing and leading-off after the ball crosses the plate are allowed. Heads-up base running wins games in this league. We will be working on runner advancement (STEALING), understanding force outs and strict attention to base coach instruction during our next few practices.

I mentioned before the game Saturday that there are many ways parents and grandparents can help our team. Each game we will be required to keep the score book if we are Home Team or keep the pitch count / operate the score board if we are the Visiting Team. There are many great resources available for learning to keep a score book. Here's a great video:

See ya at practice - Coach Bill

September 18, 2015

I received a call from the League last night - the message was less than satisfactory. There was a problem with our uniform order (other teams were affected too.) Our original team name "Round Rock Express" was not available, so an alternate name, "Storm", was chosen instead. I had picked the Express team due to the color of the uniforms, Texas Rangers blue. I'm unclear what color the new uniforms are. I pickup the uniforms this afternoon.

So, we now have a decision to make, we can hyphenate our team name "Express-Storm", rename our team to "Storm" or leave it as is and continually respond to the many questions: -- "Why is your team name Express but your uniform says "Storm"?

I have had a few of you ask about pant color. Lets use gray pants this season. Gray is more readily available than other colors in the stores and gray seems to be easier to launder the grass and dirt stains out of than white pants. But, if you already have another color pant, no worries. Wear what ya have!

See ya all tomorrow - game time is 3:00pm on Williams Field. Be there 30 mins early if possible. If you cannot make the game please let me know in advance so I can adjust the roster.

Coach Bill

September 14, 2015

Practice tonight at 5:30 till 7:00 on Noon Lions Field. Noon Lions Field is immediately adjacent to Charles Street Field where we practiced previously.

See map here -

If you are interested in helping to coach or assist in the dugout- a volunteer application / background check must be completed and submitted to WLL Board. If you had a background check done this past spring, you're good, no need to get another for fall. If you need a replacement badge please let me know.

Volunteer application / background check can be found here:

Se ya tonight!

September 4, 2015

Practice schedule for the Labor Day weekend -

Saturday 5th at 12:00 noon on Charles Street Field.

Monday 7th at 7:00pm on Charles Street Field

I understand that some families will be out of town - no worries, show up if you can.

Aug. 31, 2015


I'm excited for another Weatherford Little League (WLL) baseball season. Our team name is "Express", named after the Round Rock Express, Triple A team. In case you were wondering, I know nothing of the Round Rock team, but I liked the uniform color combination. (Sorry, I don't have a better story :)

A quick BIO: I have coached all levels of Little League over the past 20 years or more. Two of my boys are on the team, Jack and Adam. I played Little League as a kid from TBall all the way through Senior League, and I have played on many softball teams as an adult. I enjoy baseball more than any other sport.

HELP WANTED -- I need help coaching the team this season; parents willing and able to help teach the players the fundamentals of baseball are encouraged to apply. The pay is horrible but the experience is rewarding. Prior experience is not required.

Our team is comprised of a group of boys that have varying skill levels and experience. I will make a point during the season to remind the players that have stronger skills to assist and encourage the players that are not as strong. I believe this promotes team building and sportsmanship.

New to Minor League? - There are some new rules, strategies and other differences between Coach Pitch and Minors. A quick list of changes off the top of my head: kids pitch with an umpire behind home plate calling balls and strikes, base runners can steal bases, only 9 players allowed on the field.

Its real baseball with a few safeguards built in to keep the game competitive and as safe as possible for the players. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email, text or catch me at practice and I'll be glad to help.

Practice Schedule - Does anyone know of a decent field where we can practice? I would prefer to find a suitable practice field that can be used all season long. Sports fields are hard to come by during the fall due to baseball and football teams competing for field space at the public school yards. To add even more headache to securing practice fields, the minor and major fields (normally available for practice) at the WLL park are closed till opening day due to recent construction.

I might have a few practices at the city park fields, but few of the city park fields are conducive to our level of play. Also there are strict time limits, a small fee is imposed by the city, and renting the same field each week is nearly impossible.

I'll have a practice schedule posted soon. (Game schedule will be posted as soon as I get it from the WLL)


Coach Bill

Please continue to check this page and the WLL page for more information.