By Nikki Gambo

When did France join the EU?

France joined the EU in 1952. France was one of the founding countries of the EU,

Whats the history of France?

France was the largest country of the EU. France was a individual country not apart of another one. It was located east of madagascar. France is 643,801 sq miles.

What is the story of Frances flag?

Frances flag is blue white and red, three equal bands of blue white and red. In 1790 acient french color(white) was banded with blue and red. The capital of France is Paris. Four major cities are lyon,marsielle, toulouse and nice.
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What attracts people to France?

What attracts people to France is beautiful countrie sides,excellent beaches ,winter sports and rich culture. People are most notably in the apls and the pyrenees.

What kind of goverment does France have?

France has a republic government.

What is Frances currency?

Frane uses Euros niw but before that they used francs.

Whats so interesting about France?

1. They only speak french

2. Median age is 40.9 years

3. 6 hour tome difference from the usa