Father Pandosy by Brett Friesen


Father Pandosy settled on a little lake called duck lake. this lays parallel to the Okanagan lake. father Pandosy arrived in the Okanagan valley 1859. farther pandosy was born in 1824 in France. he work with first nations for many years but was to go north to establish another mission. In the fall, October of 1859 he and some settlers started the journey. Their first winter was spent at duck lake, bet kept looking for a place to permanently settle. in 1860 they found the east side of the okanagan lake, that area is now known as mission creek


Father Pandosy found the okanagan mission witch was the first white settlement in BC. this was the first non-native settlement in the okanagan. Father pandosy built other missions that allowed him to perform baptisms, funerals and marriages. he also instructed native people in agriculture, helping them with matters of the land and fishing rights.

Okanagan fur Birgade trail

It was one of the earliest commercial trails in the okanagan valley. They used it to take supplies and trades from England to take to the valley. even when the trail was no larger used for supplies it was used by miners and missionaries.

early history

Father Pandosy came with Brother sural to create a settlement. Father pandosy went to college at Ales, France , then oblate of Notre-dame delumieres. he took his vows in 1845. being assigned to the mission in the Oregon Territory he set sail from Le Havre in 1847 and arrived i to Fort Walla on November 1847 in the area of present fay Ellensburg.

Reasons for settlement in Okanagan

Father pandosy wanted to open a school and church in the Okanagan, he also needed a area where there were resources such as trees, water, and useable land. The climent was also a consideration witch was suitable as well.

early accomplishments.

Early accomplishments for Father Pandosy include completing his college and taking his vows in 1845. at 22 he set sail and established there mission at Yakima.

accompliment in the Okanagan vally

in 1859 he travelled to the Okanagan where he established the first settlement. there he built a chapel and was reasonable for the area.

legacy today

Father pandosy is a well known name to locals. he has a street and winery named after him. Also the preserved buildings and site is known as father pandosy

Driving question

As a young European who travelled to shore the word of god and to help and educate the Natives regarding the lands and church. He created the first permanent white settlement which establish and grew in population This allowed for development and farming creating Growth and community.
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